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Which portable scooter should I buy ?

July 19, 2017


As a society we continue to live longer and in better health thanks to the Health Industry at large. Most of us want to remain independent and socially connected and are looking for ways to maintain this vital part of everyday life. Riding the scooter to your friends place, getting aboard a cruise and/or after folding into a car boot you I challenge you to find a place they wont go !

Whether you have had your license suspended for failing a renewal test you get tired legs from walking too far, recovering from an operation or just like zooming around in an electric set of wheels mobility scooters have been a fantastic discovery of new found freedom.

I will give you my review of a selection that cover Portable Scooters, they're the small ones - not the larger ones which get used primarily for everyday outdoor use.

Now in order of common importance you will need to determine the Answers to these questions.

1. Do I intend using it inside, outside the house or both?

2. How much do I weigh?

3. Whats its primary use. Going direct from my front door to a place eg a shop, friends place, a club, a park or a shopping mall ?

4. What weight can I lift (or another person accompanying you) into the hatch or boot of the car.

5. Whats the gradient like on the scooter pathway. Is it flat, mildly sloping (less than 6 degrees) or quite steep.

This table compares between 6 types of scooters. For quick reference I have put the 2 vital features you must consider above all else with this category of scooter.

The 6 shown will be generally less capable of handling big hills, handling really rough surfaces and giving you a big padded seat but these are the small compromises one will make to have the scooter go with you practically anywhere.

If the lifting weight is an obstacle then the fold-up hoist can be assembled in 2 minutes (after practice) to get any of these scooters in and out of a car boot.



Max User Weight

Weight of Heaviest part


Atto Israeli portable scooter

100 kgs

15 kgs


Luggie Elite

145 kgs

26 kgs


Genie + Automatic Remote Control Foldable

136 kgs

23 kgs


Genie Easy Fold 1 Step Foldable

136 kgs

25 kgs


Luggie standard

114 kgs

23 kgs


GoGo Elite Traveller Plus (breaks down into 4 pieces)

136 kgs

15 kgs

* Lifter / Hoist for scooter. Hercules foldable 30 kgs 10 kgs
My shop has these scooters available to purchase. If you would like to know more you can visit my online shop or visit us in Brookvale. We are happy to bring a scooter to you if you live in Sydney, Central coast or the Wollongong areas. Email direct or phone me direct on 0490 124 282 to have a chat !


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