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We are now equiped with a luxury mobile showroom to bring you electric Beds and Recliner chairs. We remain a popular choice for bringing to you, portable mobility scooters and power chairs, the Alinker, Rollz and byACRE brands within the Sydney region

Free Trials, selected products to Sydney residents

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Mobile Showroom Service

Discover Our Unique In-Home Trial Service in Sydney

Experience Comfort at Your Doorstep with Our Sydney Luxury Mobile Showroom -Introducing our newest and most convenient service for Sydney residents. Now you can try out our range of electric beds and recliners without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

A Unique Sydney In-Home Experience

We have transformed a spacious LDV long wheelbase high roof van into a sophisticated, fully-equipped mobile showroom. Accessible via an integrated walk or wheel-in ramp, our showroom brings the comfort and convenience of a bedroom directly to your Sydney doorstep.

Seamless and Comfortable Trials in Sydney

Once inside, our friendly Bedroom Advisor, along with your carer, will guide you through the entire trial process. You’ll have the chance to experience our beds and recliners firsthand, ensuring they meet your specific needs. We have samples of our most popular fabrics and colors, as well as swatches for you to see and feel other available options.


Personalized Assistance for Sydney Residents

Our Bedroom Advisor will demonstrate the safest ways to get in and out of bed, whether from a chair or a standing position. If needed, an Occupational Therapist can assist to ensure the process is smooth and safe. We can adjust the bed’s height and backrest to match your comfort level, ensuring a seamless transition for you and your carer.

Tailored Bed and Recliner Options

Worried about the bed size? We can easily convert a single bed to a king single and adjust the length to accommodate your height. We’ll also help determine the optimal bed height to ensure comfort for both you and your carer.

We carry a variety of mattresses so you can find the perfect one for your body’s needs, providing support and comfort without compromise.

Try Our Electric Recliners in Sydney

If you’re interested in an electric recliner, we have several models available for you to try. We’ll help you find the perfect fit by ensuring the chair supports your body correctly. Our specialist will ensure that the correct posture angles are not overlooked. It will be an enjoyable experience and a well-considered one for us looking at legs, shoulders, neck and head positions for long term pleasure.

Virtual Experience Augmented Reality Tool

Enhance your selection process with our Virtual Experience Augmented Reality tool. This innovative feature allows you to see how your chosen fabric for your recliner will look in your own home using your phone’s camera. It’s a convenient way to ensure your new furniture will perfectly match your décor.

Book Your Mobile Showroom Experience Today!

Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with our luxury mobile showroom in Sydney. Contact us today to book your in-home trial and find the perfect electric bed or recliner. Let us bring the showroom to you!

Why Choose Our Sydney Mobile Showroom?

  • Convenience: No need to travel; we bring the showroom to your Sydney home.
  • Personalized Service: Our Bedroom Advisor and optional Occupational Therapist ensure a customized experience.
  • Wide Selection: Try various beds, recliners, and mattresses.
  • In Home Styling: Visualize fabric choices in your own home.

Enjoy the best in-home trial experience for electric beds and recliners in Sydney. Contact us now to schedule your appointment!