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The release by SupaScoota of 3 new portable and transportable Scooters. Micro lite (18 Kg !) and SupaLite

September 04, 2019

Looking for an Innovative Scooter ? then start with the SupaScoota range. They now have 2 new ones that I trialed last week. 

I think the Micro Lite being the lightest in the world is just fantastic ! Its what customers and carers alike are looking for in a portable scooter. Easy and I mean real easy to dissemble into 2 parts so that the chassis is just 11.4 Kgs. Now that is the weight of many aluminium wheelchairs. They are not at the carbon fibre stage yet but would you get the stability going any lighter? 

The Lithium battery is light, clicks in and out and is made by the quality manufacturers, Panasonic of Japan. The aluminium is special grade for giving strength and not compromising weight. That is that way the scooter is not made heavier. The welds are smooth, a sign of high quality, a standard we have come to expect from Taiwan manufacturers.

It handled so well on thick grass and and had plenty of power for my 88 Kg weight with a robust 230 Watt from its worm drive differential gearbox.

I found the ride on the SupaLite much the same but you would get a smoother ride on a rough track with air tyres and more power up hills with the more powerful 260 Watt motor. It will also take the heavier framed user with a max load of 120 Kgs.

We will have them in stock when they hit our shores in October 2019.

We will bring one to you at no cost to try if you are in the Sydney Metro,outer metro and Central coast areas.

Might talk with you sometime,

Mark Grayson | The Care Kiosk Team…/supascoota-range/

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  • Hi Marie

    We are able to send you a portable mobility scooter once we determine that you are within our standard courier drop off region within Tasmania.

    For all Supascootas to Postcodes in Hobart and Launceston are most definitely Free – NO Delivery Fee.

    Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


    Mark Grayson on

  • I live in Tasmania and wanted to know could i purchase a mobie and you get a courier to pick it up for me and i will pay for courier costs

    Mrs. Marie McMath on

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