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with our range of portable mobility scooters and power chairs. As well as the Alinker, the Rollz and byACRE within the Sydney region

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Barbara Alink, the creator, designer and owner of The Alinker Inventions has been working tirelessly to bring a smaller version of the Alinker to fruition. If you have an inside leg measurement that is between 55 cm and 67 cm the X Small size will match your body profile.

And for children there is in the design and production pipeline an XX Small size which will suit a very small adult and children.

By completing the contact form you will be informing us that you are interested in trying one out when they are available which is estimated to be early next year - 2021.

We will contact you once they are in our Sydney warehouse and from here we can arrange trials in the normal and successful manner we have already been doing for those wanting to 'try it out'. 

Phone no: 1300 110 059. Opening Hours Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Address: 24 Laurie Rd, Manly Vale NSW 2093          

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