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We are now equiped with a luxury mobile showroom to bring you electric Beds and Recliner chairs. We remain a popular choice for bringing to you, portable mobility scooters and power chairs, the Alinker, Rollz and byACRE brands within the Sydney region

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Genteel blood devices

The Genteel Painless Lancing Device

Genteel is a lancing device like no other.
  • Using vacuum technology, the GENTEEL reliably draws blood with no discomfort
  • Lancets enter and exit the skin 4 times faster than any other conventional lancing device. The lancet stops before hitting pain nerves and the GENTEEL uses a vacuum to suck out a drop of blood
  • The Genteel lancing device can painlessly draw blood from almost anywhere on the body including the chest, upper arms, thighs, fingertips, calves, shoulder, stomach, hips, forearms, palms, above the knees and toes
  • The GENTEEL can be used to also painlessly draw blood from anywhere on dogs or cats including their inner ear, upper lip, elbow calluses, pad pads, near the nail and the base of their tail

Genteel blood sampling lancers, lancets and cooling bags