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Shaped incontinence pads Abri San

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Abri-San Premium For light to heavy incontinence, these pads are shaped to contour the body and have double leg cuffs to
prevent leakage. They are fully breathable which reduces the risk of skin irritation. The smaller sized pads
(Abri-San 't to 4) have an adhesive strip that secures the pad to the underwear.

Abri-San Bariatric Specially designed for the larger individual, Abri-San Bariatric is longer to suit a range of body shapes,
featuring high barriers to help prevent leakage and is also fully breathable.

Abri-San Special Specifically designed for faecal incontinence while still providing effective absorbency for urinary incontinence.
Featuring a unique barrier system with 'built in' pockets to ensure optimum leakage protection.

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